Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ashley Sykes Photography

As usual, my blogging habits haven't been so habitual recently. But I couldn't resist pointing you to this article from the Daily Mail, which features my good friend Ashley Sykes and his incredible droplet photographs. He takes the droplet image to new heights (12 inches, according to the article), experimenting with milk on water, coloured dyes, and reflections (I'm nothing short of amazed by the heart within the droplet; metaphorical to say the least, it's a fine example of visual poetry). I've also seen some of his powerful landscape shots -- sea, piers, jetties, rocks -- and macro-lens shots of insects. Ashley has recently taken some author photographs for my forthcoming Salt pamphlet, The Snowboy, one of which is now to the right of this here blog. More on that soon. For now though, enjoy the article, and maybe consider purchasing one of his spectacular prints.

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